A Tuatara is not just a lizard, it’s not just a mascot for a new baseball team, the Tuatara is actually part of another sport as well: car racing. 1305 kilowatts is the level of power that the Tuatara hypercar is able to provide. This is significant and is impressive for car lovers, car racers, and anyone else, for that matter.

Where does all of this power come from? Well the 5.9 litre V8 engine definitely helps. The level of power the car produces puts it almost in a league of its own in terms of performance cars.

It makes you wonder why on earth we would ever need or use a car this powerful. Well the engineers and brilliant minds behind the Tuatara wanted to create a car that could hit a 480km per hour top speed and we have heard that it has met this goal. This beats the Koenigsegg, which previously held the unofficial record for 447 km per hour.

SSC is the company that can be credited with the creation and development of the Tuatara. The company’s founder spent a lot of time, effort and money developing this car, and it has been highly anticipated by racers and car lovers all over the world. The car is light in weight and made entirely of carbon fibre.

If you are wondering what the correlation between the ancient New Zealand “lizard” the Tuatara and the car is, the company has said that they were inspired by the lizard as the name, Tuatara, is derived from the Maori language and translates directly to ‘peaks on the back’ which the company found appropriate given the wings on the back of the car.

It is rumoured that a limited number of these cars will be available, and the price has not yet been released.