Motatapu welcomes thousands of racers of all different skill levels, backgrounds, ages and stories to explore its pristine trails for one of the ultimate and best off road sporting events in the entire country of New Zealand.

Between Lake Wanaka and Queenstown, bikers will race through the highest country terrain in the country. There are five different events, including mountain biking as well as running and a triathalon if that is more your thing.

Even the most elite athletes have this event on their bucket lists but newbies and young racers are welcome to attend and enjoy as well. The event is not meant to be competitive or daunting, but rather fun and social for all of those involved. Participants even travel from other countries to experience this exciting one day event.

The event is taking place in March 2019, so if you are interested, there is still lots of time to buy tickets and to train for the event of your choice.

The Mountain bike portion is about 47 km but there are different categories for elite riders, beginner riders, competitive riders and even cruisers.

The off road run is 42 km with 1022 m of climbing, of which the highest point is about 875m elevation. The race starts as early as 7:30 and the categories for this are dependent on both sex and age. You are more than welcome to walk the event.

The Sawpit trail run is a little bit shorter, only 8.5 km with anyone of any skill level able to participate, as long as they are over the age of 14 years old for health and safety purposes.

The Miners trail is different terrains but only 15 km long. Once again, walkers and joggers are welcome as it is all in the name of good fun.

The Ultra run (or walk) is the longest, being 51 km, 1275m at the highest point.