The Important Relationship Between Gambling and Sports

There is a complex relationship between a charity, or having a charitable status, and funding for sports and recreational groups, and organisations. It is essential to understand the requirements, and differences, between charitable donations, and grant funding. Regulations in New Zealand clearly lay out the fact that sports or recreational teams, groups or clubs, don’t actually have to register as charities, to be eligible, or considered, for grant funding from gambling operators. In other words, your team can be sponsored by a casino, with no need to register as a charity.

This is important as many gambling operators, and casinos such as Spin Palace App, like to sponsor teams, and groups, and make appearances in non-commercial ways, as it helps them with their corporate social responsibility. It allows these organisations to give back, while also promoting their brand, and receiving exposure, and good publicity.

The national government’s Department of Internal Affairs has an information package on funding for community groups that provide specific information for both sports groups, and pokie or gambling companies or organisations. This information package became readily available, after some key stakeholder groups, including the Department of Sport and Recreation New Zealand and the Inland Revenue, had some concerns over the implications, and issues, associated with making registered charities the only ones eligible for funding, from gambling companies and operators.

It is advised that interested sports teams, and organisations, read through the information that is available on the department’s website, and understand the requirements, terms and conditions, that need to be met to receive such funding.

The fact that sports groups are now able to receive this funding is excellent news for sports teams, and clubs, and for the donating gambling organisations. It allows an opportunity to create healthy and sustainable partnerships, and to promote healthy gambling positively.