Sports team role as receivers of gambling sector funding

Perception and reputation are two things that are of top priority to those in the gambling and sports industry respectively. This means that when these two worlds collide and gambling machines, operators and companies sponsor or provide funding to sports teams, these things become extra important.

The first area to focus on when it comes to the gambling sector sponsoring or funding sports teams and clubs is to ensure that there is a focus on making sure that all benefits outweigh all costs. Sports teams must operate as part of a larger network and the opportunities for funding should be equitable and therefore transparent as well. This is especially important as one third of the grants and trusts in New Zealand come from the gambling sector.

Sporting organizations must be held as accountable as their gambling sector counterparts and play a role in fair deals and distribution of funds. This means no threats, bribes, under the table deals and each team must act in good faith. This is especially true as they compete or are put up against non sport organizations that are looking to serve the community in other ways.

Here we see why committees become important in the selection of who receives funds. These comittees ensure all stakeholders’ interests are well represented and allow for fair and equitable decision and distribution.

In order to offset the realiance solely on grants, sports teams and organizations should also consider other ways in which the gambling sector can help them boost their bank account. This includes fundraisers and even adopting pokie machines. Many operators allow organizations to receive the proceeds, or at least a portion of the proceeds, from one, or several pokie machines. This is an easy way to earn funds. Casino games and online gambling at sites such as are becoming funding possibilites as well.