The most recent contenders in New Zealand’s sporting world are the Auckland Tuatara. This baseball team is based in Auckland and is the latest sporting franchise to come and join New Zealand’s lineup. The team will be competing in the Australian Baseball League, and their first game on home soil will be November 22, so mark your calendars! There will be 12 other home games during this year’s season as well.

In term’s of official logistics such as logo and colours; they were unveiled in late August, at a press conference appropriately held at the Auckland Zoo with a selected group of media and VIP guests. The guest list was deliberately kept small and intimate, for the sake of the novelty of the team.

The logo that was unveiled, and is now public, is the head of the tuatara, the native New Zealand reptile, as well as a teal and navy blue colour scheme, that will be the recognisable brand of the team. This pays homage to the area’s crucial marine life and history

This enterprise, though new, is not a surprise, with discussions having begun almost a decade ago. It wasn’t however, until late last year that New Zealand was offered a spot in the Australian Baseball League at which point the plans finally solidified, and became real. It is a privately owned enterprise with several investors, the biggest being Baseball NZ, but also has financial backing from Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development, which is an organisation that operates, and invests, on behalf of Auckland Council.

New Zealand residents, Kiwis as they are fondly referred to, seem to be reacting to the news positively, as there has been a desire for professional baseball in the country for years. There is now a team to follow, and for the notoriously passionate Kiwis to support. There are games to attend and enjoy, with family, friends and loved ones.