Kayaking is great for both weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. This is a great option for those who may not enjoy the gym or conventional exercise methods. Did you know that kayaking at even 5mph burns 400 calories an hour? That is a great rate for a leisurely activity. After an afternoon of exploring by kayak, you will have already burned an easy 1600 calories! That’s almost a whole day’s worth of calories!

It is important to ensure that you don’t rely solely on kayaking to lose weight. You must include it as part of a healthy lifestyle or routine. Some tips for optimizing weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight using kayaking include:

  • Water; don’t forget to pack water on your kayaking adventures, as hydration is important and will keep you alert and your metabolism up!
  • Snacks; make sure to eat before you head out in the morning or the afternoon and bring snacks with you to keep your blood sugar up and other nutrient levels regulated. Eating frequent small meals is recommended.
  • Sunscreen; remember that health isn’t just about weight. The water is a great place to get a sun burn, so lather up before you head out on your kayak for any length of time.
  • Stretching; as with any exercise, in order to optimize your workout and to protect your muscles, stretching is recommended. Stretch your arms, legs, and neck to keep your body loose. Stretch before and after, especially if kayaking for long periods of time.

Kayaking is a great way to lose weight, as it is a great mix of cardio and strength, which is a match made in heaven. Kayaking works your upper body and you will do about 1500 repetitions in an hour. Besides, the motion is low impact, which is great for your joints.