Losing weight is a great health goal, but there are many other factors that make you a ‘healthy’ person. There are many other factors that contribute to your overall health and well-being, and many ways to maintain that health. Kayaking has some significant health benefits, aside from being a great workout, that include:

  • Reducing stress; calm water, warm sun, cool breeze, beautiful nature. All of these things are a recipe for a calm and tranquil afternoon that can be enjoyed alone or with others, and has been proven to reduce stress for many.
  • Mental health; scientific studies have actually proven that aerobic exercise can improve your mood and mental health. It is not just about feeling better, but also the chemicals and the balance in your body.
  • Community: Kayaking presents the opportunity to join like-minded others in your explorations. It is a sport that doesn’t necessarily require you to be athletic in order to practice it, but there are always others that are at your level and willing to join you.
  • Self confidence booster; completing something like a whitewater kayaking trip can boost your confidence and increase feelings of self worth and value. The social skills also help with this
  • Increase in energy; getting out and get moving helps getting and keeping energy up. This is especially true for those who may sit around most of the time and feel groggy or foggy by the end of their work day or work week.
  • Core strength; the core is actually very engaged when kayaking. This means that indeed kayaking can give you some great abs without ever stepping foot into a gym.
  • Improves heart health: Raising your heart rate and moving your body helps improve the health of your heart in both short and long term. Low impact movement like kayaking has been proven to have positive impacts on heart health.