Do you enjoy kayaking? Even if your answer is no because you have never done it or have not enjoyed it in the past, perhaps you haven’t yet tried kayaking in New Zealand, which is life-changing. There are many options if you do want to kayak in New Zealand.

There are guided tours that can take you to discover Abel Tasman National Park or the fiords water safari. You can paddle with dolphins, kayak to snorkel in a marine reserve or even paddle a Maori waka. There are endless options for guided kayak tours, which are a great way to discover the country of New Zealand and the hidden gems all across it.

For independent kayakers, make sure to do your research, because there are lots of waterways and options for you. If you prefer fresh water kayaking, you may be interested in the Whanganui river, being it the longest waterway in the country. There are rapids in this river, but it is still great for beginners. If whitewater kayaking is more your thing, the Mohaka river on the North Island is an awesome option. There are also lots of lakes for lake kayaking. Lake Taupo is a popular option among visitors, as it allows you to explore the Maori rock carvings. There are also crater lakes in Rotorua, granting you front row seats to the steaming geothermal activity in the heart of the volcanoes.

If you own your own kayak, there are many beaches and launches where you can get your boat in the water at no charge. Look into public beaches and national parks. If you are looking to rent or borrow a kayak, there are many companies and options for you. You could also buy a kayak if you think it is something you would like to do in the long run. Be sure to do you research to get the best product at the best price.