This site is your one stop shop for all of the information you need or could ever want on Sports in New Zealand. This site aims to honor and pay homage to the fact that sports are something that are not just important to kiwis, but are deeply embedded into the culture of New Zealand.

You will be able to learn all about different annual sporting events in New Zealand. This is great for those who are looking to participate or take up a new sport or those who may prefer watching from a distance. These events vary from annual golf tournaments if that’s your thing to running and marathons and everything in between.

You can also learn about different major sports in New Zealand. This includes ruby union and athletics, which is often referred to elsewhere as track and field. Get the inside scoop on why these are the national sports and who participates in them.

What about other sports for those who are less inclined to play mainstream sports? Well from netball to canoeing, New Zealand has a sport for everyone. This site provides you exclusive access to information about unconventional and more up and coming sports and sporting events.

Take a look at some of the recent headlines as it relates to New Zealand sports.

Finally, you can read up on the ongoing conversation about the role of the gambling sector in sports. The gambling sector makes up a large and significant portion of the funding and grants for many sports teams and organizations and as such, many are calling for increased regulation and transparency.